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When I first began writing professionally about 45 years ago, I knew that one of my goals was to help people understand the world we are living in. Maybe that’s the goal of all writers! At any rate, I realized early on that my mission was to challenge old assumptions and present new perspectives on how we live in our families and our communities, and on our planet.

Over the years, I’ve owned and edited four magazines, worked as a freelance journalist, written multiple books, and contributed to many more. My work has encompassed eco-friendly living; life learning (aka unschooling and self-directed learning); non-coercive, respectful parenting; social change; environmental stewardship; as well as locally-based and micro business.

The physical, mental, economic, and social health of our families and our environment are all connected and are a reflection of the everyday choices we make. My writing involves encouraging readers to challenge the assumptions inherent in the available choices so that we make the right ones for ourselves, our families, and the Earth. The topics you’ll read about here, as well as in my books and articles, involve embracing smaller-scale, local ways of doing things, and becoming more self-reliant in the way that we think, educate ourselves, work, eat, and live. As I age and retire from active publishing/editing and activism, my writing topics reflect my recent and current states of mind. Some of it is memoir, some of it is more journalistic in style, a bit of it is poetry.

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Rethinking how we live in our families and our communities, and on our planet.


Canadian writer, editor, retired magazine publisher. Advocate for kid’s rights, school-free learning & the environment. Veggie gardener.